Improve Your Communication with Heart Talk

Learn a Method of Communcating that Dissolves Conflict - Drama & Guilt Free!

Learn Heart Talk and Enhance Your Relationships

Having problems being heard and understood?

Feeling undervalued?

Learn a way of communicating that dissolves defense and conflict.

Give your words a powerful heart-centered voice.

Learn Heart Talk: A powerful communication model. A new and effective language to ask for what you need - without nagging, shutting down, or people pleasing - paving the way for transformation.

Know how to:

  • identify your communication challenges and coping mechanisms that sabotage your relationship
  • communicate from the clarity of your heart and not the craziness of your mind
  • tune into your feelings and the powerful messages they have
  • identify your triggers and learn tools for reacting more positively
  • speak your truth in a way to be heard and understood
  • get your needs met and
  • feel more connected to your loved ones.

Heart Talk teaches you how to communicate from a place of love and openness rather than fear, resentment and reaction.

With Heart Talk you learn how to relate more and control less.

Anna-Thea will take you through a journey of personal transformation. By the end of this course, you'll possess the tools and the knowledge to communicate to create connection. And to communicate in a way where you'll feel heard and understood.

Say Yes! and discover the inner peace and empowerment that comes from better communication.

If you're ready to take the journey of learning Heart Talk, being fully expressed in your relationships, speaking your truth and free yourself from chronic people pleasing, then this course is for you.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Much love,


“Taking Anna-Thea's Communicating To Create Connection course was an eye opening experience. I had tried a year earlier to communicate with my partner about things that were upsetting me. All it caused was more tension and heart ache. After learning Heart Talk I used the principles and it was like magic. Real transformation has happened. No more nagging. No more hoping and wishing. It’s not all roses. Real stuff comes up when you commit to Heart Talk but it works! My life is changing for the better one Heart Talk word a time.

And the material is organized in a super easy to learn way.

Anna-Thea’s commitment and passion for this subject is totally evident. She is encouraging, inspiring and responsive to inquiries and comments.

I've learned a tool that I'll use for the rest of my life.

— Donna Abreu

"When I started Anna-Thea's course I was pissed off and ready to leave a 30 year marriage. During the Heart Talk course there was an internal shift that took place in. I began to understand more about why we feel and react to things the way we do. I developed more compassion for myself and others. With my own internal changes difficult relationships became less difficult and even much better because of it. I'm not pissed anymore, and my marriage is better than ever. Thank you Anna-Thea for your valuable work.This is an excellent course."

- Donne Westmoreland


"Awesome course material. I'll continue to benefit from this heart centering awareness. The specific ways of reminding myself to notice feelings and their underlying source is a lifetime gift! Thank you Anna-Thea!"

- Mary Rowntree

Your Instructor



I'm Anna-Thea, an author and Divine Feminine Educator -

I was one of the first graduates from Caroline Muir’s Divine Feminine Institute with a double certification as a Divine Feminine Educator and a Spiritual Sexual Educator. There I had the great fortune to learn about sacred relationship, "equal mattering", emotional empowerment and the honoring of one's body.

My book "Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body" offers powerful insights and practices for women to connect to their feminine side. I want you to know how beautiful your body is no matter what age, shape or size.

Using principles from my extensive studies in yoga, nutrition, psychology, astrology and the Divine Feminine Institute, I will teach you how to fully access your TRUE feminine.

In my educational programs I teach you how to take care of yourself emotionally, how to develop better communication in your relationships, how to experience more pleasure in your life and how to honor your sexuality.

I know my exclusive courses will inspire you, and give you new perspectives on what it means to be a woman in our society.

I'm here to rock your world and change your life for the better. Are you ready?

Course Curriculum

  Model 1 Introduction
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  Module 3 Discover What It Really Takes To Be Heard And Understood
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How To Feel More Connected and Comfortable with Your Lover
Learn a powerful practice to create more comfort and less pressure in the bedroom.
Companion Course for Communicating To Create Connection
Supportive Education for Communicating To Create Connection

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